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UV Polarizer
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Ultraviolet Polarization
Bolder Vision offers a dichroic polarizer laminated between two pieces of recommended UV grade fused silica. Custom patterns may be cut for maximum flexibility. The ultraviolet spectrum posses unique challenges to manufacturing which, our optical engineers will be glad to discuss with you.
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Dichroic Ultraviolet Polarizer
BVO UV should not be used under 320nm unless validated by sample
UV polarizer transmission
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Ultraviolet applications
We recommend that the ultraviolet polarizer be used between the 320-420nm range. Applications utilizing ultraviolet polarizer include photometric instruments, microscopy and systems integrating fluorescence. Custom patterned components available on OEM basis.

Ultraviolet Polarizer Standard Specifications
Component and Substrate Reflectivity
Dichroic ultraviolet polarizer sandwiched between UV grade fused silica or any other ultraviolet tolerant substrate..25% per surface (based on "V-coat" centered at desired wavelength)
Recommended Wavelength RangeTolerances
Extinction RatioTransmitted Wavefront Distortion
150:1 minimum, 500:1 typicalλ/2 measured @ 632nm
Surface QualityTemperature Range
40-20 scratch/dig-50° C to 50° C
Beam DeviationDamage Threshold
1 arc minute1 W/cm squared, CW
0.2 J/cm squared with 20 nsec pulse, visible